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Unified Command Continues St. Simons Sound Incident Response: Update 11

Date: 9.22.19

Contact: Joint Information Center (912) 944-7122

The St. Simons Sound Incident Unified Command (UC), made up of the U.S. Coast Guard, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, and Gallagher Marine Systems, continues to target and mitigate shoreline pollution and refine the plan for removing pollutants from the ship.


The command has observed sporadic discharges from the vessel. Shoreline impacts have been identified near Quarantine Island, Lanier Island, Bird Island, and the confluence of the Back, Mackay, and Frederica Rivers, with varying degrees of oil and sheen in the marshes. Strategies are being finalized to carry out effective pollution mitigation techniques to protect environmentally sensitive areas. 

The public is reminded to not touch oil, and to report any sightings of oil to (800) 424-8802. Oiled wildlife should be reported to the wildlife hotline (800) 261-0980. 

There are approximately 208 responders attached to the UC and nearly 40 vessels engaged in the response. Over 5,500 feet of oil-absorbent boom has been deployed, and 18,400 feet of boom is strategically staged for use as needed.


Specialists are actively monitoring air and water quality around the vessel, Jekyll Island, and St. Simons Island. Members of the public are encouraged to monitor the Department of Public Health website for additional information. 


Commercial traffic in the Port of Brunswick continues to move on a case by case basis. A claims number has been established for those affected by the incident (888) 850-8486.


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