Date: 9.12.19 Contact: Joint Information Center (912) 944-7122

Commercial traffic in the Port of Brunswick has resumed on a case by case basis. In addition to the two vessels that were used in a transiting test on Wednesday, there are an additional four commercial vessels scheduled to transit the channel today.


Response crews are monitoring air quality around the vessel and surrounding areas. No impacts on air quality have been detected at this time and crews will continue to monitor the air quality throughout the duration of the response. Please monitor the Department of Public Health website to keep informed of any advisories that may be in effect.


Response teams continue to monitor the north bank of the Brunswick River and Bird Island for impacts from the incident. Pollution mitigation strategies are continually being assessed to maximize effectiveness. If the public encounters oiled wildlife, they should report the sighting to the Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research Oil Spill Hotline (800) 261-0980.


A claims number has been established (888) 850-8486 for those who have been affected by the incident.


Date: 9.11.19 Contact: Joint Information Center (912) 944-7122

A Unified Command and Joint Information Center have been established for the cargo vessel Golden Ray response and salvage efforts.

The Unified Command consists of the U.S. Coast Guard, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, and Gallagher Marine Systems. Multiple federal, state, local and partner organizations are assisting in the response.

The Unified Command’s operational priorities are ensuring the safety of the public and responders, protecting wildlife and the environment, ensuring economical activities in the area are minimally affected, and the eventual salvage and safe removal of the vessel.

A Joint Information Center (JIC) has been established. The response website is, where media and individuals can subscribe for further updates. Media can also reach the JIC at (912) 944-7122.

  • Media Inquiries:  912-944-7122

  • SME Videos: See here

  • Incident FAQ: see here

  • For current water and beach safety: Georgia Department of Public Health

  • Public Health Information: 844-863-0325

  • To report oiled wildlife:  800-261-0980

  • To report pollution:  800-424-8802

  • To report debris: 912-944-5620

  • Claims Information:  888-850-8486

  • Marine Safety Information Bulletin: MSIB 64-19

  • Community Outreach & Liaison Officer: 614.943.1970